Monday, March 12, 2012

Pepperoni Rolls

These Pizza rolls look like they are really easy to make. They don't need that many ingredients and you don't even have to make the crust yourself! The recipe calls for frozen bread. This is a link to the original blog post where I found the recipe. I hope your pizza rolls turn out well!

Pepperoni Rolls

             Frozen bread dough
             Mozzarella cheese
             Parmesan cheese
             Olive oil
             Italian seasoning
  • Loosely cover the frozen bread dough with plastic wrap. Allow the dough to thaw for a few hours at room temperature. When the dough is completely thawed it will be slightly puffed up.
  • Here's a tip: Spray the plastic wrap with cooking oil, or brush it with cooking oil and lay it, oiled side down on the bread dough. This allows the bread dough to rise and move easily under the plastic wrap without it sticking or holding back the dough. 
  • Roll dough out to an approximately 11 x 11 inch square. One frozen dough log makes one pepperoni roll.
  • Brush dough with olive oil or whatever cooking oil you prefer. Lay pepperoni on the dough covering entire surface. Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella cheese. Next, sprinkle it with shredded Parmesan cheese and lightly sprinkle it with Italian seasoning. Add a sprinkling of garlic salt (optional).
  • Roll up the dough starting at one edge of the square. 
  • Place rolls on baking sheet, leaving space between them if you are making more than one roll. Brush some melted butter on top of the uncooked pepperoni roll(s).
  • Bake at 375 degrees F for approximately 15 to 25 minutes. Oven temperatures and times may vary. When done, the top of the rolls should be golden brown and you should be able to make a tapping sound on the crust with your fingernail (the same as when baking bread). 
  • Make sure you allow your pepperoni roll to cool completely before slicing and serving it.
 Note: If I was to try this recipe, I would try using pizza sauce inside of the roll.


  1. These look much more impressive than the pizza rolls you guy at the store. Nom nom nom

    1. They seem like they would be big enough for at least two people. A whole loaf of bread makes one roll! That's just amazing compared to those tiny processed ones from the freezer section.

  2. I might have to try to make these at work :) Yummmmmmyyyy!

    1. Dominoes should sell these! People would probably want them just because it's something new to order.

  3. I could invent these but i'd be copying off of pizza hut, they have pizza rolls

    1. I didn't know they have those. Are they anything like these?